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When I was small, my parents would often take my siblings and I to the bookstore for fun. During one particular visit, I came across an interesting tome which I begged my mother to buy. It was the 1990's. I was barely out of elementary school. And it turned out to be a 600-page book on learning HTML.

I've been hand-coding ever since.

Around the same time I discovered HTML, I'd also sneak my parent's VHS camera outside. My siblings and neighborhood friends would play out different scenarios, and I'd film it. We never would have called it "acting." I'd go on to different cameras and editing systems, later building my own computer (a Hackintosh) for faster playback. In college, I worked at a Quizno's for six months so I could buy my first prosumer camera: the DVX-100B.

Within the last few years, I drifted away from design and development and film so I could focus on a four-year project called Typewriter Poetry. I spent my days wandering around from city to city typing Free Poetry for strangers, working various odd jobs in retail, service, and modeling to get by.

Now that I've finished Typewriter Poetry, I am once again actively looking for opportunities to work with video, design, and web development. Specializing in interactive multimedia, I'd love to solve your problems concerning design, development, content, video, and storytelling. Send me an email about your project at If you're around Philly, I'd love to chat with you over a chai latte.