Corrugated Hearts

Logline: In a world of 2.0 boxes, Jake must choose between an upgrade or love.
Runtime: 06 min 15 sec
Genre: no dialogue, experimental, trippy, cute, sci-fi.



Sugar Water

Logline: A multiracial teen considers how sexism and racism factor into her identity.
Runtime: 09 min 27 sec
Genre: documentary, experimental, diary, trippy, cute, social justice, intersectionality, racism, sexism.



The Eggberts

Logline: Just a show about two eggs tryin’ to make it in the big office.
Episodes: 6
Genre: stop-motion, episodic, office, corporation, quirky, humor, eggs.



You Are*

Logline: A woman attempts to subvert reality by burning out on art.
Runtime: 12 min 55 sec
Genre: experimental, non-fiction, non-linear, introspection.