Sugar Water

Awards 1st Place: “Beyond Wisconsin Award” (Milwaukee Spotlight Student Film Festival) “Lizzie Award for Visual Effects” (Harvard-Westlake Film Festival) “Visual […]

Corrugated Hearts

Logline: In a world of 2.0 boxes, Jake must choose between an upgrade or love.Runtime: 06 min 15 secGenre: no dialogue, experimental, trippy, […]

In The Blink

“In The Blink”Billimarie Lubiano Robinson First rule of editing: we are attractedto human bodies. It is always the facewe turn […]

Literary Carnival

Originally published in 2013 on While wandering in Oregon, the Newer York contacted me about appearing at their annual Literary Carnival. […]

You Are*

Logline: A woman attempts to subvert reality by burning out on art.Runtime: 12 min 55 secGenre: experimental, non-fiction, non-linear, introspection.

Imagination Is The New Work

(or, How To Burn Out On Art) by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson Read the essay on, It’s not that […]

Typewriter Love Fest

Pipe Dream Tactics

Pipe Dream Tactics is a project by Billimarie which embraces impracticality and overrides fear through the playful exploration of pipe […]

Lady Palabra


an Official Bureaucratic Love Letter from the Governing Bodies of the Universe, addressed specifically to You e-book (free) Limited Edition […]

Distant Self

Selfies taken from an alienating distance. woodnote tomboy witching interiority

Untitled Study

Pretty Pink Leeches

"valentine (ii)" from the #PettyArtGang "Valentine" painting series by BLR. Small abstract. Red, black, and white abstract painting symbolizing the other woman, heartache, lies, cheating, and betrayal. (2017)


valentine (i) * valentine (ii) * valentine (iii) * valentine (iv) * valentine (v) * valentine (vi) * valentine (vii) […]

Billimarie traveling with her pink typewriter and gifting Free Poetry to strangers. September 2013

Typewriter Poetry

From 2011-2015, Billimarie wandered around the country with her typewriter gifting FREE POETRY to strangers. Letter art (2013)[/caption]

my name isn't billi it's billimarie

my name isn’t billi it’s billimarie

don’t worry I will tag you to remind you #LoveAndStarDustMF #PettyArtGang

STEM Diversity Podcast

Episode 9: Bringing Nonprofits to the Digital World

"valentine (v)" from the "Valentine" painting series by BLR. Small abstract. Featuring brown, white, and black as soft, skin, heartache, lies, cheating, and betrayal. (2017)


mangled.crystalis(‘heart’); * the “mangled.crystalis();” series 9.25″ x 13.50″ Abstract Acrylics and gesso upon loose canvas Paint brushes, safety pin The […]


tilt (close-up) * the “maps” series 63″ x 39″ Abstract Acrylics, Sharpies, and gesso upon loose canvas Paint brushes, fingerprints, […]

"Evensongs" by BLR (1/4)


* evensongs lyric essay non-fiction written in Sweden, edited in Los Angeles, published in Philly Purchase the publication (Eastern Iowa […]

Year of Bird

A collection of “tiny sounds.”

Prisoner Reports

      For the simple app, visit CLASP. For the open-source GitHub code, visit the prisoner-report repo.

Literary Creatures

As summer shifted into fall, Literary Creatures tumbled miraculously into place. There were loose plans–very loose, like the soil of a newly burnt field, simply waiting for growth to come find it. An idea of black-light, of a synthesizer; of a typewriter poem and a room dressed in ethereal plantlife. After years of scattering tiny seeds of what Literary Creaturescould be, I signed up for Philadelphia’s Fringe Festival. It felt on the surface like a whim pulled along by the project’s deeper desires: a desire to manifest, to remain fixed, to morph into a concrete experience; an event.


A series of sketches created while writing a novel.

Private Drafts

From January 2nd, 2019 to January 2nd, 2020 mid-March 2019, Billimarie typed one page on her typewriter every sunrise at […]


SpaceX & Tesla

Hotbits Film Festival

During intermission, A Ti Nyalien corralled the crowd into ecstatic sounds of loneliness, isolation, and joy.