Native to the San Fernando Valley, Billimarie Lubiano Robinson is an artist and writer currently based in West Philly.

A graduate of California State University, Northridge, Billimarie studied Creative Writing as well as Cinema & Television Arts (with an emphasis in Poetry and Multimedia, respectively). Her interests include cultivating mindful patterns, hacking and destroying systems, reckless wandering, playful participation, and compassionate anarchy.

She is faithfully committed to her 1950’s light pink Royal typewriter, which she traveled with for the past eight years typing in various public and private spaces for a performance art piece known as Typewriter Poetry (FREE POETRY).

Currently, Billimarie works for Hopeworks—a nonprofit based in Camden, NJ—as the Web Development Director for Hopeworks Web. When asked, she often describes herself as “a human just trying to make the most of this transient dream we call life.”