Selling Everything (Except My Typewriter, Books, Plants, Musical Instruments, Paintings, and Writings)

Last Updated: May 25th 2019

Hello. I am selling all the well-loved furniture, office supplies, art materials, kitchenware, clothes, decorations, beauty supplies, and countless other domestic home-life necessities which I have collected here in Philadelphia since November 2016. Contact me via phone or email if you are interested in picking up any of the following—

Brita Filter

The story of this is simple. I was introduced to the concept of a Brita Filter when I was 19 by my college boyfriend. Until then, I was used to the water system we had set up at home: manually refilling the water gallons by driving to my city of birth, then hauling them back, heavy, stored in the garage and placed when needed atop the cooler, until it was time to start the entire cycle all over again. Brita Filters were a very exotic and comforting alternative. I decided I would own my own once I had my own apartment. This one is it. $3 or best offer



Parts of this desk are missing. I’ve cleaned and replaced various components and screws. The previous tenant of my first apartment left it, and I never found a need to replace it. $15 or best offer


While grinding with CLASP, we needed a way to print legal briefs while working at my apartment. I purchased this monochromatic printer to fulfill that need. It now functions as my manuscript printer. This would be great for another writer, or a researcher–someone who doesn’t need to print using color. $20 or best offer

Whiteboard (Red, Green Expo Markers)

This whiteboard has helped me write notes for the massive story I’ve pushed out. It hangs quite well, and erases with ease. $5 or best offer

Tall, Dark Folding Table

I found this one day while walking a long way from my apartment. It was a hot day, and I remember taking lots of breaks to shift it from arm to arm. I’ve used it for painting, as a dinner table, to hold my plants, and of course, as an extra surface to put papers and books on. $7 or best offer

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